The Miners Standard

A real taste of Derbyshire

Welcome to The Miners Standard in Winster.

Lindsay and Wez would like to offer a warm and friendly welcome to their hostelry in the heart of the Derbyshire Peak District. The pub is located on the outskirts of the once industrial lead mining village of Winster. It is ideally situated to offer both walking and driving trips to see some of the best scenery the Peak District has to offer. The Heights of Abraham with its spectacular ride across the Derwent Valley & Hilltop Park, Crich Tramway Village with its tram rides and Carsington Water are just a few places located near to this fantastic warm and welcoming pub.

Lead mining in Winster can be traced back into the 1600’s, although it is safe to say that it took place long before then. A walk around the village will help you understand how the village became such a prosperous place to live.

The Inn, believed to have been built circa 1653 was originally a farm house, but as the lead mines started to progress down the valley following the seams of lead, Inn’s and ale houses started to spring up to quench the thirst of the miners. It is said that at one time there were thirty seven places you could buy beer in the village, with The Miners Standard probably one of the first.

The name of the pub derived from a brass measuring dish presented to the miners in 1533 by Henry the 8th. It was known as the miners standard and it was this dish the barmaster (or senior official) of the mining field used to take measuring’s at the mines he visited. The letters above the front porch EP EP FP are said to stand for Edith, Ella and Frank Prince, former owners of the Inn. Most of the time they stood for ‘Every person entering pays for a pint’. So come along and spend time at The Miners Standard and find out more about what Winster and the surrounding area have to offer.


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